Leland's Character




Character Name:


Lifepaths: Born Peasant, Peddler, (Lead to Outcast) Smuggler, Freebooter, Fence

1 Fate
1 Persona

Age: 28

Pe: 5 (0/3 D and 0/1 C)
Wi: 5 (0/3 D and 0/1 C)
Ag: 5 (0/3 D and 0/1 C)
Sp: 5 (0/3 D and 0/1 C)
Po: 3 (0/2 D and 0/1 C)
Fo: 3 (0/2 D and 0/1 C)

Re: 5
Ste: 3+2?
He: 4?
MW: 9
Hesitation: 5
Resources: 2 (0/2 R and (0/1 D or 0/1 C))
Circles: 2 (0/2 R and (0/1 D or 0/1 C))

PTGS: Su: 2 Li: 4 Mi: 6 Se: 7 Tr: 8 Mo: 9

Persuasion (will) 6 (0/3 D and 0/2 C)
Haggling (will) 6 (0/3 D and 0/2 C)
Appraisal (per) 5 (0/3 D and 0/1 C)
Falsehood (will) 5 (0/3 D and 0/1 C)
Forgery (per/agi) 5 (0/3 D and 0/1 C)
Appropriate Weapon (?) ?+2
Mending (per/agi) 3 (0/3 R and (0/2 D or 0/1 C))
Intimidation (will) 2 (0/2 R and (0/1 D or 0/1 C))
Foreign Languages (per) 2 (0/2 R and (0/1 D or 0/1 C))
Extortion-wise (per) 2 (0/2 R and (0/1 D or 0/1 C))
Streetwise (per) 2 (0/2 R and (0/1 D or 0/1 C))

Clothes, Traveling Gear, Shoes, Personal Effects (gotta decide what that means…) , Knives, run of the mill quality,Reinforced Leather, run of the mill quality, Cash

Dirk 2I/4M/6S Speed:X Length: Shortest (Add:1)
Reinforced Leather 2D (3D Torso) +1 Ob Agility, Fatigue, Swimming, Perception/Observation

Boat, A Junk (appointed as residence)

?- (1D reputation)
1D affiliation)


Blank Stare (Dt), Cold Blooded (Dt), Paranoid (Char), Shrewd (Char) Eidetic Memory (Dt), Glib (CO: Soothing Platitudes, Falsehood, and Seduction), Charismatic (CO: Persuasion) , ?Familiar Face (CO: Circles)




Here are the lifepaths we discussed.

Born Peasant- Peddler- Smuggler- Freebooter- Fence

These lifepaths make your starting age 28.
For stats you have 9 points to split between Will and Perception, and 16 points to split between Speed, Agility, Forte, and Power, and 1 point for either pool.

Will 5
Perception 5
Speed 5
Agility 5
Forte 3
Power 3

You have 27 points to spend on skills in the following list. You must spend at least one point on each of the bolded skills.
Mending, Sing, Haggling, Chandler, Inconspicuous, Falsehood
Persuasion, Falsehood, Law-wise, Forgery, Stealthy
Intimidation, Appropriate Weapon, Countryside-wise, Fortress-wise, Mercenary Company-wise, Foreign Languages, War-wise, Loot-wise, Extortion-wise
Appraisal, Streetwise, Guard-wise

Required Skills:
Mending 1
Persuasion 5
Intimidation 1
Appraisal 4

Optional Skills:
Haggling 5
Falsehood 4
Forgery 4
Appropriate Weapon 3
Foreign Languages 1
Extortion-wise 1
Streetwise 1

Additionally, you have 3 points that can be spent on any skills (doesn’t have to be on the list).

You have the traits Blank Stare (makes it harder to influence you with Persuasion or Soothing Platitudes) Cold Blooded (you hesitate less from pain, or fear of death/violence) and the character traits Paranoid and Shrewd.

You have 6 points for additional traits, and the following traits are discounted to cost 1 point for you.
Eidetic Memory (You are automatically assumed to remember anything you have read or seen).
Glib (Call-on for Soothing Platitudes, Falsehood, Seduction, lets you reroll failures and break ties)
Merciless (Character Trait)

Purchased Traits:
Eidetic Memory

You have 52 Resources points for relationships, reputations, property, affiliations, and gear, we can go into more detail once we’ve sorted the other stuff.

Gear – Clothes – cost 1
Gear – Traveling Gear – cost 1
Gear – Shoes – cost 1
Gear – Personal Effects (gotta decide what that means…) – cost 1
Gear – Knives, run of the mill quality – cost 5
Gear – Armor, Reinforced Leather, run of the mill quality – cost 6
Gear – Cash (need to look up what this means…) – cost 6
Property – Boat, A Junk (appointed as residence) – cost 15
Reputation – *, local – cost 7
Relationship – If you make yourself incestuously involved with a member of your immediate family, a family member who is jealously hateful of her rivals, a Powerful family member, does it really only cost 8 points? And what does that mean to the game…

10 points remain (or 9, gotta check the math. For some reason this character generator is giving me 53).

So… I cannot find the notes from our meeting a few weeks ago where I chose my remaining skills and traits, Collin. Do you have any memory of what we discusse? I feel like there were some additional call-on traits that meshed well with my skill.

Leland's Character

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