Fade (John's Character)



Concept: Vengeance-seeking army deserter

Character Name: Fade

Lifepaths: Born Peasant, Hunter, (Lead to Soldier) Scout, (Lead to Outcast), Bandit, Smuggler

Age: 25

1 Fate
1 Persona

Pe: 5 (0/3 D and 0/1 C)
Wi: 4 (0/2 D and 0/1 C)
Ag: 6 (0/3 D and 0/2 C)
Sp: 6 (0/3 D and 0/2 C)
Po: 3 (0/2 D and 0/1 C)
Fo: 4 (0/2 D and 0/1 C)

Re: 5
Ste: 6 (0/3 D and 0/2 C)
He: 4 (0/4 R and (0/2 D or 0/1 C))
MW: 9
Hesitation: 6
Resources: 1 (0/1 R and (0/1 D or 0/1 C))
Circles: 2 (0/2 R and (0/1 D or 0/1 C))

PTGS: Su: 3 Li: 5 Mi: 6 Se: 7 Tr: 8 Mo: 9

Bow b6 (0/3 D and 0/2 C)
Inconspicuous g5 (0/3 D and 0/1 C)
Stealthy b5 (0/3 D and 0/1 C)
Observation b5 (0/3 D and 0/1 C)
Knife b4 (0/4 R and (0/2 D or 0/1 C))
Tracking b4 (0/4 R and (0/2 D or 0/1 C))
Falsehood b3 (0/3 R and (0/2 D or 0/1 C))
Persuasion b3 (0/3 R and (0/2 D or 0/1 C))
Hunting b3 (0/3 R and (0/2 D or 0/1 C))
Law-Wise b2 (0/2 R and (0/1 D or 0/1 C))
Orienteering b2 (0/2 R and (0/1 D or 0/1 C))

Skills Being Learned
Tactics 1/6

Clothes, Traveling Gear, Shoes, Run of the Mill Arms, Hunting Bow, Reinforced Leather Armor

Dirk 2I/4M/6S Speed:X Length: Shortest (Add:1)
Hunting Bow 1-2 B4 3-4 B7 5-6 B10 VA 1 Nock and Draw: 5 Actions
Reinforced Leather 2D (3D Torso) +1 Ob Agility, Fatigue, Swimming, Perception/Observation

Small Cottage

Small thieves band, The Virtuous Company (+1D Affiliation)

Old Army Sergeant, Sgt. Atkins (minor, hateful)

Paranoid (Char), Cipher (Dt), Vengeful (Char)

- A single person is helpless in the face of greater powers, and will never be secure unless they become powerful themselves. If I find worthy allies and protect them, I will be protected in turn.
- Speaking of greater powers, right now I have no choice but to steal some relic or face the axe. Someday whoever did this is going to pay! In the meantime, I’ll get the thing so quietly nobody will even know it’s missing.
- The nobility’s rotten to the core and should be destroyed. The Invisible Army is trying to do just that… maybe if I help them out, they can help me. I’ll start by getting one of their agents out of the city, then see where we stand.

- Always hide yourself in the crowd (auto-Inconspicuous in groups)
- Know where your escape route is (look for exits when entering new areas)
- When threatened, assume a defensive stance


Darren was born in the unfortunately named hamlet Pig Pie on the outskirts of a lush forest. Despite the forest’s evil reputation for being haunted, Darren was drawn to them from an early age. Too slight to contribute to farm labor, Darren helped his family by hunting wild game and guiding visitors through the Everdark Forest. When the war started up, a merchant caravan bearings arms and provisions for the soldiers passed through Pig Pie in the hopes of avoiding attention. They meant find some way of passing through the woods directly rather than risk taking the longer route around. Darren volunteered to be their guide, and upon their arrival enlisted in the military as a scout. He faithfully carried out his duties for many years, guiding supply trains, gathering intelligence, and the like. He had a particular knack for going by unnoticed even when he wasn’t hiding. Attention seemed to slip off him like water off a duck’s back, finding nothing in his features or bearing to hang onto.

The same caravan master Darren originally led through the Everdark all those years ago returned, with a new commander in tow: Sergeant Atkins. The Sergeant was a condescending son of privilege from The City, arrogant and vain. Atkins took his assignment as commander of the scouts as a personal insult, and sought to gain attention and glory by sending his troops on increasingly dangerous missions in the hopes that they uncovered some piece of intelligence that led to an overwhelming victory. Darren saw his brothers in arms die one after the next, and nearly joined them. His final mission for Sgt. Atkins went disastrously wrong when his patrol was ambushed. He took an arrow in the chest in the battle and was left for dead on the field.

Darren came to some time later to find himself buried underneath the bodies of his dead comrades.

Rather than return to face the unjust wrath of the Sergeant for not somehow turning the tide of battle in his favor or discovering some dreamed-of (and probably non-existent) fatal flaw, Darren salvaged what he could from the battleground and deserted. It wasn’t difficult to use his skills to return to the Everdark Forrest, nursing an increasingly bitter hatred for Sergeant Atkins, the military in general, and especially the merchants and nobles who sat on their haunches safe in The City while Darren and those like him bled and died for their profit and amusement. He’d show the bastards!

Darren re-named himself “Fade” and joined up with a gang of bandits, gleefully raiding supply caravans all throughout the Everdark. As time rolled on and the war showing no sign of stopping, it was no longer satisfying to pick at the scraps on the frontier while in The City the pompous bastards kept the choice prizes for themselves. Why should they be the only ones to see any profit from the war?

Fade wasn’t stupid enough to think he could stop the whole thing- nobody can! But maybe if he moved to The City, he could settle some debts with the scum who kept it going. He owed his crew that much.

Fade found a new group in The City; a bunch of upstart malcontents, murderers (and worse) called The Virtuous Company. Apparently they were all a bunch of deserters, too. That’s fine with Fade. So far they haven’t betrayed him (but he’s pretty sure it’s coming), and if by some miracle they don’t, maybe with their help he can enact a bit of revenge for the injustices he’s suffered. Granted, he don’t trust any of ‘em as far as he could throw ’em (and he ain’t very strong)… but the nice thing about having a band of fucking thieves around you is you can usually find one who’s willing to do your dirty work if it comes to that. Fade’s done trying to be a hero- the nail that stands up tallest gets pounded flat the hardest. Now he just wants to disappear into the background until payback time comes.

Fade (John's Character)

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