Deadface (Seth's Character)




Character Name:


Lifepaths: Born Peasant, (Lead to Professional Soldier) Scout, (Lead to Outcast), Freebooter, Blackmailer, (Lead to City) Criminal

Age: 26

1 Fate
1 Persona

Pe: 4 (0/2 D and 0/1 C)
Wi: 5 (0/3 D and 0/1 C)
Ag: 4 (0/2 D and 0/1 C)
Sp: 5 (0/3 D and 0/1 C)
Po: 4 (0/2 D and 0/1 C)
Fo: 4 (0/2 D and 0/1 C)

Re: 4
Ste: 7 (0/4 D and 0/2 C)
He: 4 (0/4 R and (0/2 D or 0/1 C))
MW: 10
Hesitation: 5
Resources: 1 (0/1 R and (0/1 D or 0/1 C))
Circles: 2 (1/2 R and (0/1 D or 0/1 C))

PTGS: Su: 3 Li: 5 Mi: 7 Se: 8 Tr: 9 Mo: 10

intimidation(will): 6 (0/3 D and 0/2 C)
extortion(will): 4 (0/4 R and (0/2 D or 0/1 C))
observation(per): 4 (0/4 R and (0/2 D or 0/1 C))
knives(agi): 4 (0/4 R and (0/2 D or 0/1 C))
bribe-wise(per):3 (0/3 R and (0/2 D or 0/1 C))
stealthy (speed): 2 (0/2 R and (0/1 D or 0/1 C))
inconspicuous(will): 2 (0/2 R and (0/1 D or 0/1 C))
climbing(speed): 2 (0/2 R and (0/1 D or 0/1 C))
ugly truth(per): 2 (0/2 R and (0/1 D or 0/1 C))
falsehood(will): 2 (0/2 R and (0/1 D or 0/1 C))
extortion-wise(per):2 (0/2 R and (0/1 D or 0/1 C))
streetwise(per):2 (0/2 R and (0/1 D or 0/1 C))
merc company-wise(per):2 (0/2 R and (0/1 D or 0/1 C))
interogation(will): 2 (0/2 R and (0/1 D or 0/1 C))
torture(will/per): 2 (0/2 R and (0/1 D or 0/1 C))
darkened street-wise(per): 2 (0/2 R and (0/1 D or 0/1 C))

clothes, shoes, run of the mill arms (some “about town” knives as well as a pair of big machetes), reinforced leather armor, rent

Dirk 3I/5M/7S Speed:X Length: Shortest (Add:1)
Reinforced Leather 2D (3D Torso) +1 Ob Agility, Fatigue, Swimming, Perception/Observation

member of the Virtuous company (1D affiliation)
Brutal enforcer (
1D reputation)

Rollo, a guard I have leverage over and extort from time to time (minor, forbidden, hateful)

Cold Blooded (Dt), Cold Hearted (Dt), Cynical (Char), Merciless (Char), Poker Face (CO: Falsehood and Gambling), Alert (Dt), dreadful (CO: Intimidation and Interrogation), thick skin (Dt)


Always be on the lookout for an ambush
If you have to resort to violence make an example of someone
Always search for means of leverage


Deadface? Yeah, I seen him in action once, and I sees him a few times before I saw him, if you know what I mean.

He used to come in here to hassle Old Tom for some debt he owed to someone or another and honestly he didn’t strike me as much more than your standard dockside thug. There was his face I suppose, his dead face. I never saw him crack a smile or a raise an eyebrow regardless of whether Tom tried wheedling or cursing him out. Just those dead eyes staring out of a blank face.

That was until the night he kicked down the door with two fuck off machetes in either hand kitted out in black leather armour. His face was painted up as sort of skull mask, but it wasn’t the skull that was the terrifying part, it was his face. All full of a savage joy that sort of drew you in but burned to look at. The things he did to Old Tom that night was truly horrible, but the part I’ll never forget is that smile.

Life Paths

Born Peasant (Lead to Professional Soldier) 8+1
Scout (Lead to Outcast) 3+1
Freebooter 4
Blackmailer (Lead to City) 3+1
Criminal 5

Age 26

8 Mental, 17 Physical, +1 to either pool

will: 5
perception: 4

power: 4


Lifepath Skills 23
Must spend at least one on each bolded skill, all roots at 2
stealthy (speed): 2
intimidation(will): 6
extortion(will): 4
inconspicuous(will): 2
observation(per): 4
knives(agi): 4
climbing(speed): 2
ugly truth(per): 2
falsehood(will): 2
merc company wise(per):2

General Skills 3
interogation(will): 2
torture(will/per): 2
darkened street wise(per): 2

Traits 9 points

Cold Blooded
Cold Hearted

1 point buys
Poker Face

thick skin


Mortal wound – 10
Reflexes – 4
Health – 4 I have been injured in the past(-1), but I keep active(+1)
Steel – 7 I am a soldier(1), was injured in the line of duty(1), I’ve murdered so many people (1) and my will is 5 (1)
Hesitation- 5

Resources 37
1 clothes
1 shoes
5 run of the mill arms (some “about town” knives as well as a pair of big machetes)
6 reinforced leather armour
5 rent

10 affiliation: member of the Virtuous company
7 reputation:
2 relationship (5 minor -1 forbidden -2 hateful): Rollo, a guard I have leverage over and extort from time to tim

Resources and circles

Resources – 1
Circles – 2

Physical Tolerances

Mortal – 10
Light- 5
Superficial – 3


Always be on the lookout for an ambush

If you have to resort to violence make an example of someone

Always search for means of leverage

I’ll probably wait until we agree on a setting for this part, though I like the idea of thia for a slightly silly longer term goal
I’m reasonably confidant warlocks aren’t in control of the financial sector, but it never hurts to be sure

I don’t remember much of my childhood. Dirt and pigshit and the elders screaming that I’d grow up to be a degenerate like my old man. What I do remember is when Captain Varas and the Virtuous company came to town and put the village elders to the sword. You see the Virtuous company had no use for the elderly, but a youngster filled with animal cunning a lack of moral fiber, that they could work with.

They say the virtuous company was part of the Eastern army of the mad king’s host, and that Varas himself was at the sundering, which may go a ways towards explaining why the old man was bat fuck crazy.

Historians aside: The sundering of the host is recorded to have taken place roughly 50yrs before this interview. Legend has it that King Acturus was plagued by angelic visions from his early childhood, informing him of his holy destiny. His first act as king was to assemble all the men of fighting age within his kingdom into a mighty host. He tasked this host with eradication of all magery and witchcraft from the world, sundered it into four armies, and sent each to one of the four cardinal directions.

The king himself was sundered to the four pieces when punitive forces from the neighbouring kingdoms, angry at having armies march through and pillage their lands, found the king with no men to defend him and had the mad king drawn and quartered.

There is some probably some factual basis to this legend based on the large number of recorded engagements with the various armies of the host during that time period.

He would go on about how we had been assigned some holy mission to eradicate the warlock bankers of “the city” or some such bullshit. All I knew was that I was doing recon. Fuck the woods, the elves can have that shit. Give me shithole town any day with roofs and food and fire. Peasants will roll over for any display of martial competence and you can live like kings until the stores run out.

I killed my first man about a year in. We were being chased by some militia and they sent me in at night to take out the leader. Low risk high reward on the company’s part. I slit his throat, and that caused some minor chaos, but if I knew then what I know now I would have painted the tent with him. Either way, it gained me the reputation as a man who can get things done.

When we hit the city the Captain started going on about siege tactics so Sargent Tooth ran a sword through him. From then on we integrated in to city life. Oh, some mistakes were made. We came on a little hard, killed a noble or two where a bribe would have been better for business, but the virtuous company has settled in nicely here. These days I do some freelance work around the city: extortion, breaking and entering, shakedowns etc.. The Sargent is a pretty pragmatic man, as long as he gets his cut. But mainly I’m the one the company sends when the time for fucking around is over.

Deadface (Seth's Character)

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