Pre-game Discussion

Discussion Prompts
-Does the setting seem interesting? What elements seem interesting? Anything you’d like to see added or dropped?
-I offered some pretty bare-bones ideas for the situation, which need to be fleshed out. What interesting thing is happening in the setting that the characters will be dealing with, and why do they care? If they are working together, why? How experienced are they, do they share a particular background?
-Mechanical implications: We’ll want to decide if the characters are all humans or if other options exist, if there are any magic users, and how many lifepaths they will have (roughly how much life experience) and whether there will be any restrictions on lifepaths.

Seth comments:

I think we should figure out early on what’s on the table in terms of inter character conflict. I’m fine with a cutthroat game, but I’m also fine with a more civil game. I will say that if we are not going to be antagonistic towards each other I like a pretty firm backstory as to why, and my preference is not to have a democracy of characters, but to instead have a pretty clear hierarchy. But that’s just my preference.

Also, I weakly prefer the idea of a street level game. If this is a party game I like the idea of a tight but down on thier luck crew of some sort. Thieves, witch hunters, army deserters, whatever.

Pre-game Discussion

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