The Situation:
Let me know if any of these grab you-

A gang has made an alliance with a sorcerer and is using magic to kill it’s enemies, consolidating criminal power

The eldest member of a patrician family has been assassinated, the first step in a concerted effort to destroy their power base

A group of criminals are pressured into stealing a holy relic from a neighboring city in return for a pardon from their crimes, they will be disavowed if caught

The death of a prominent senator is a catalyst for followers of a prominent cult to seize power

Merchants are paying pirates to target their competitors ships.

A supernatural killer preys upon the poorest communities.

Members of a mercenary company use the chaos of war to cover their theft of a valuable treasure.

A religious leader is falsely accused of using church funds for witchcraft.

On the eve of the wedding of a local patrician and a noble from the north, the noble is murdered and the guards are framed for it.

After the execution of a religious figure for treason, the city is hit by a series of supernatural plagues.

Those displaced after the fire struck the slums hire outsiders to track down those responsible.


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